“Clipper” – the marathon tracks on the ocean.

Spring in the Chelsea region, the “flower village” of London – the capital of England, is always so gorgeous. This morning, Bernard Weymouth – Lloyd’s Registered Secretary, famous in the English village as a talented boat designer, had visitors to his home.

That person is the owner of the shipping company Thompson and Sons. He wanted Bernard to design a ship, more precisely a clipper, to win the “tea road” contests.

A masterpiece of sailing art
Perhaps in the age of sailing ships there is no more attractive, more spectacular competition than the great “Tea Competition”.

The British are the strongest tea drinkers in the world. However, the UK could not grow tea, a tropical plant, which must be bought in China as far as three oceans, half the world away. Whenever March, the tea-picking season in China begins, London is waiting for the first ship to bring new tea from this vast, strange, attractive country back to Europe. So the smart tea traders put the trick: The tea of the first ship was always bought more expensive than the ships later. But what is even more appealing is the reputation of the fastest “tea ship” in the world.

Around the middle of the 19th century was the golden age of the sailing fleet. The shipbuilders at that time had the experience of centuries of shipbuilding and sailing, plus acquiring the latest scientific and technological achievements of their time that created the Clipper, the highest peak. and finally, the art of classical sailing.

Even the name Clipper – derived from the English verb “Clip” meaning Cut, Trim – speaks out the characteristic of this ship’s family: Speed. Clipper is about speed. All the structural details from head to heel clipper reveal the ambition to win time. The sharp bow of the ship extended far away like the rushing skyward. Solid hull with graceful contours. The tall masts hold dozens of large and small sails … Clipper is actually the offspring of marathon tracks on the ocean.

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