Rockall – A Lonely island (pt2)

One late autumn day in 1955, the British Navy’s Vidal scientific research ship, which was surveying the waters of North Scotland, received a special order. The fleet commander informed Captain Connell to prepare for the envoy of the Second Queen Elizabeth. Half an hour later the plane flew straight to the British Navy to meet the ship, dropped a tall captain, dressed in a bodyguard uniform. The messenger handed Connell a letter from the Queen of England ordering the captain to land on Rockall Island.

But the Brits realized they were foolish to leave Rockall alone with the Atlantic. The concern of London does not make “The Stone” satisfied at all. Who would go to Rockall’s bare chest to allow the navy to shoot. However, the inertness of the island is amazing. Artillery shells of all sizes kept pounding into their bodies, but Fang didn’t get too chipped. Only the very crowded fish colonies around the island were panicked, pulling each other away.

So panicked fishermen also pulled together to the palace of the British Navy High Command to protest. Seeing the English sailors arrogantly defying, they sued to the Senate. British MPs were struggling between the Defense and Fisheries ministries when “Ornytology” appeared. They jumped on the fishermen side. Because the island is deserted, the seabirds come in a lot. The bird landed in the same weight, the fisherman won the case, the fish returned to gather at Rockall’s feet.

As an exemplary soldier, without asking one more redundant question, Connell sent his ship to the island. At a suitable distance, helicopters from Vidal’s deck took off and hung on top of the rugged Rockall Island. The three officers were personally chosen by the captain, and the famous naturalist James Fisher dropped the rope ladder. Next is materials and tools. In the setting sun, the British flag was put down, sovereignty markers were built. Captain Connell fulfilled his special mission.
British Flag on Rockall

The next morning the British press published a letter from the Queen to the captain of the Vidal. Connell suddenly became famous as a national hero. Returning to the naval base in Plymouth, Vidal was as calm as a regular sea voyage. And the people on the harbor were a little more curious to see the familiar ship, but not the joyful, passionate feelings.

The event of annexing Lonely Island to British territory on September 18, 1955 was that only a few visionary people could fully appreciate its significance. And the “deputy civilian” – a look and shook his head confusing. Even countries in this region: Norway, Denmark … are surprised by the attitude of the British government: What’s so noisy? A piece of stone erected on the sea, far away, wanted to set foot on the sky fell from the sky, thanks to a helicopter. Where’s the time of monopolizing the entire Indian subcontinent as a pearl in a British crown?

London still “felt the antenna”, even though people laughed, reserved. In matters of the sea, it must be fair to say that Britain has a broad strategic perspective. They silently reinforce the legal grounds of Rockall territory in the British Isles family. Tens of thousands of newly printed English maps saw Rockall present. In a special instance, Congress allowed the Principality of Inverness-shire in Scotland to incorporate the stone island into its land. Foreign public opinion made small comments about that job. Now is 1972, a year full of hot events: Nixon visited China, the United States signed the Paris Agreement on Vietnam. Rockall is what the hell is wasting money on it!

In February 1977, the British Government declared: Rockall has long been a constitutional, legal British territory, therefore, according to the International Law of the Sea, around 200 nautical miles is the exclusive economic zone of Brother. That is, the following foreign fishing vessels are no longer free to “plow” over 125,000 square miles of sea surrounding the rocky island. Of course, if you go into the old fishing grounds, you must apply for permission from London, which is limited in production and submit “bowl” to the landlord.

Being peaceful suddenly suddenly chased away from the land of his long familiar business, neighboring countries were stunned, indignant. They rushed to respond immediately, against the decision they called the “authoritarian, illogical” of the Rockall case. Each country has a scientific basis for its arguments. A rock to “god” for tens of centuries was suddenly meticulously researched by doctors, rummaged by historians, digging out genealogical records, citing ancient east and west needle to prove geography, Geology, history. “It’s been really mine for a long time”, “Mine first”, “Mine now”. The Continents, the White Paper, the Rockall Island Declaration was pampered by the newspapers in multiple languages. Fortunately, the rocky island is too solid, if not they can find a bone of their country, a broken bowl of their people from prehistoric times buried on the island.

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